Gentlemen Always Get the Ladies: 20 things that make you a Gentleman

Boys may pull the quick attention of a girl but it’s the gentlemen that will make the lasting impression on a woman and win her over. Here’s how.


  1. When hugging, hugging her no harder then she hugs you. We know that you are strong, but we don’t want to get squished!


  1. Kissing our forehead, this shows a lot of care & affection.


  1. Coming to pick us up from work or home in your car.


  1. Blowing us a kiss. How cute!

Breakfast at Tiffanys

  1. Complimenting us when we don’t have any makeup on and it’s our natural look.


  1. When our hair falls in our face, tucking it behind our ear.


  1. Chivalry isn’t dead, a woman still loves being treated like a lady. This means opening the car door for us, letting us go first when ordering dinner, helping us into our winter coat.
  2. Chasing away spiders & snakes or any other reptiles… no further explanation needed!


  1. Encouraging, supporting and believing in our dreams.


  1. When we are out and don’t have our own jacket or coat and it’s getting cold, using yours!


  1. In a tough situation, remaining calm and not losing your temper.

Gentlemen black and white

  1. Automatically paying for a drink or dinner. I agree with a woman paying too but it’s nice to have a Gentleman surprise us when they have already paid for us!


  1. Buying flowers. You won’t win a woman over by buying her gifts, however if you are already feeling a connection with her then she is going to love a bouquet of flowers.


  1. Romantic dinner with music, wine, candles. We love romance and being romanced!


  1. Dress sense, looking tidy and in style. This also extends to being well groomed.


  1. Language, watching the language you use around us, also our family and friends.


  1. Drawing love hearts in the sand with our initials in!


  1. Having our back. Backing us when we are in a conversation. This shows support for our beliefs & ideas.


  1. Carry our shopping bags or any kind of bag for that matter. We attract bags and they can be heavy, so a little help, we do really appreciate!


  1. Checking in with us. When out socializing, coming over to us from time to time to check in that we are okay. You’ll get extra points for touch, lightly on the arm, back of the neck or small of our back.