Do you believe in your soul mate?

Soul mates sweets

Do you believe in your soul mate? Sometimes thought as, just that one person that is perfect for you in this world? Well, maybe if you have found the ‘one’, then the answer is ‘yes’, if you are still looking then the answer is a possible ‘maybe’. For others you’ll be in the ‘no’ camp.




My brother has just started dating after finalizing his divorce 8mths ago. I know some of you will be thinking, ‘that’s quick’! He was setup. Setup by a workmate who matched him with a friend of his wife. They met, clicked and there were sparks. A week later he text her and asked her out on a coffee date. They had so much in common, loved each other’s company and are on the same plane. He hasn’t stopped talking about how compatible they are, and that they are a great fit together. And this is how it started. He is walking around with a permanent grin. Has he found a soul mate so quickly?


The Dictionary definition of soul mate is,
“Someone with whom you share a close friendship & deep personal understanding”
Collins Dictionary
That’s a logical explanation to me but doesn’t address whether you can have multiple soul mates.


Soul Mates on bench I’m a person that believes that potentially a lot of people can be your soul mate, this isn’t an exclusive role. I believe that you can find a deep connection with a lot of people and make these people happy as they bring equal happiness to you. So, if you have all these ‘potential’ soulmates out there, what is distinguishing who you ‘get with’ and essentially stay with? I think a big question is around ‘timing’ and by that I mean are you both ready to move at the same speed? Are you wanting to go from dating to saying, ‘hey we are now in an exclusive relationship’, from an exclusive relationship to then living together? If one of you is hanging out more at a different level, even though you get on great and have that ‘connection’, then this can be enough to end what you have.


It’s early days for my brother and his new date. Maybe I’ll be typing here in another couple of years saying, it all worked out and my brother found a new soul mate and I have a new wedding date booked in to attend! That I don’t know. What I’m surer of, is they both have 4 young children, so I’ll let you do the math for that if they end up staying together!


Do you believe in your soul mate? Are you in the ‘yes, ‘maybe’ or ‘no camp’?