Date to Dating was created out of a need to get from the first date to subsequent dates!  It was about how to have a successful first date. After all, if you want and are going to have a relationship with somebody, then you need to get past the first date and be dating that person, to get to know them and to find out if you really are compatible!

So Date to Dating offers tips and dating skills review, on how you can successfully transition form the first date to getting further dates, from that lady that has caught your eye! All the tips are easy to put in place. Some of them you just need a refresher reminder about, so you can put the best version of ‘you’ forward. After all, that’s what we are all looking to do when we meet our date!

I wish you all the best on your first date and getting to the following dates.  Dating can be time consuming and disheartening at times, but is totally worth it! Here’s to your success!

Happy subsequent dating!

Going successfully from date to dating.


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