Prep – before the 1st date – set it up!

What is Date to Dating?

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High class Gentleman attracting their High class Lady… going from first date to dating! How to have a a successful first date and beyond.

Woman holding up glass of wine when out on dateIt’s about putting the ‘best’ version of you forward on that first crucial date and also the lead-up to the first date, what you do in this time. And guess what, the first date really only serves one purpose and that’s to get your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th dates, you get the picture!  You need to get through the first date to progress or get anywhere, right?  I’m here to save you some real time in giving you some really awesome tips that you can implement straight out to give yourself the very best chance of getting thorough this 1st meeting to the next!

So, if you’ve been having trouble in getting off to a good start on the 1st date and you’ve been struggling to get a 2nd date, then read on. You’re in the right place! I’ve been there myself and I don’t ever want to be a perpetual ‘first dater’ only, that’s not fun and it’s actually pretty exhausting. You are rolling through the 1st dates faster than flicking through the names listed on your Desktop Rolodex. Let’s change that!

If you kiss on the first date & it’s not right, then there will be no second date. Sometimes it’s better to hold out & not kiss for a long time. I am a strong believer in kissing being very intimate, & the minute you kiss, the floodgates open everything else.
Jennifer Lopez

Couple smiling at each other in loveI should say, the focus here is attracting a high-class caliber lady and entering into a healthy relationship with her. Yes, you probably could use these tips towards winning over a lady to get her into bed quick smart, but I’m coming from the angle that you are a high-class gentleman looking for your high-class lady! That you’re wanting to setup a mature, meaningful and longer-term relationship with this person. You are sick of the very short-term relationships, if you could even call it that, that fizzles out before you even have time to blink. You’re the type of guy that wants something to last. You want your co-pilot!

Let’s get moving then!

Successfully going from date to dating.


Preparation – Before the 1st date – Set it up!


High class Gentleman attracting their High class Lady… going from first date to dating!

Couple out on date and embracing and having funThere are so many things that you can do beforehand to prep for the first date and that guarantee to make you look good, even before you meet her in person. Manners are incredibly important for a high class lady and she will be attentive to them. Believe me, if you show none, then this can kill the evening for her. So set it up!


For 6 game changers to set it up, keep reading…


Number 1 – calling on the phone


Ringing before the first date, a couple of days before hand or the day before, just to say ‘hi’. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, just a short conversation. It has the ‘wow’ factor of an introduction, as very few guys will do this. Trust me, she will be impressed! You will definitely receive brownie points here, even before you actually meet in person!


Number 2 – texting and punctuation!


I really do hope you make contact by ringing before the first date but if you are texting, please please check your language and your spelling!

Dating key on keyboardYes, you need to use punctuation, capital letters to start a sentence and full stops. It’s really important and a high caliber woman will take note of this. I’ve had a guy send me a first message asking ‘What’s up mate?’ Really, did you just read this? This is your first message to me and your best approach! I’m not one of your beer buddies and you shouldn’t be addressing me as if I were!  I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I received this.

Look, communicating by text or writing is pretty normal when you are just getting to know somebody, so whether it’s your first text or follow-up text messages you need to put just a smattering of effort into checking what you are saying and your grammar. Later on you can certainly start to abbreviate but starting off, how you write shows your level of education and care! Make it count!

I’m a fabulous date, I make sure I look good, I like hearing what a guy has to say & I make sure the evening is a real laugh. I like to laugh.
Eva Longoria

Number 3 – date venue


Asking where she would like to meet. If she throws the question back on you, always offer up a couple of places where you can meet. It’s letting her choose a place that she is going to feel comfortable with. Again, this is good manners.

Romantic outdoor setup for romantic dinner on the beachTry to avoid really noisy places though, yelling at each other and really missing every third word isn’t going to help you connect and get to know her. This is not a good start and communication really is the basis for all good relationships. Also, when you are first talking this is the exact time that you are going to tell each other things straight-up as they are, you have nothing to loose at this stage. As your relationship progresses, it may be harder to bring up some of these ‘truths’ as you don’t want to hurt the other person.  Or the way that you approach and tell these ‘truths’ will be different and most likely not as direct. That’s why it’s so important to be really tuned in here and listening to her and you can’t do this in a noisy environment!


Where do you take a lady on a first date?



Number 4 – smell


Smell great, aftershave & deodorant. Yes, it’s important. Smell is really, really important! I’ve been drawn to guys and wanted to stand so much closer to them, almost on smell alone!  It’s the music of senses!Joop aftershave for men

What’s your number 1 aftershave to use?




Number 5 – punctuality

Don’t be late, do I even have to state this one!

Please, you can’t be late, so get there in plenty of time! I know that you aren’t going to be late now but make sure you’ve got a couple of ways of contacting her. Say a phone number as well as the app that you’ve met on. If the app fails then you can text or ring. Just don’t rely on an app for messaging in finally meeting up in person. I’m guilty of standing up a guy on Valentine ’s Day because my phone wasn’t registering the guys messages being sent through the dating app I was using. When I finally found out, I scrambled to get ready, raced down in my car to the bar where we had agreed to meet and he had just left! I kicked myself that I hadn’t got to meet him and had to apologize profusely. My Valentine ’s Day really sucked that year!


Number 6 – pickup

Offering to pick her up, probably not a great idea on the first date, but certainly on the 2nd date offering to pick her up from her work place or home. It’s a chance to show off your car too!

flash car with lady If it’s evening, switch on the inside car light so you can be seen and even better is jumping out and opening the car door for her! She will notice and be impressed! So easy to do too.